Shop our hand-picked selection of cleats, shackes, pins & ring dings, winches, tillers & tiller extensions, wire hardware, sail furling systems, and traveler cars and track designed for sailboats. We offer the Gill KB1 Racer Smock and the Gill Race Waterproof Smock. are are here to help you find the perfect RS sailboat for your personal sailing, your family, or your sailing program. | 11mm = 7/16 in. Find the boat you need parts for in our list above to see all the items that are made specifically for your boat. We offer a huge selection of spray tops, thermal tops, spandex tops, and technical shirts for your next sailing adventure. We've collected some great gear from the warehouse including sails, rudders, and mast sections. Free shipping on orders over $35 and no sales tax. High performance wetsuits, thermals, wet weather gear and more for sailing, yachting, paddling and all water sports. Typically, Gill 'junior specific' gear is available in sizes Junior S - Junior L, which roughly correlates to a kids 8, 10, and 12. Live it. Top rated apparel for small boat sailing including life jackets, spray gear, wet suits, layers, footwear, gloves, and acccessories. We have everything you need to replace and upgrade parts on your Hobie Cat. Pockets: 2 Front, 1 Inner. Free Shipping available on qualifying orders over $49. A note about this policy is included on applicable product pages. Find your next Opti today at West Coast Sailing. A drysuit is a must for any dinghy sailor sailing in extremely cold conditions. Whether you're looking to upgrade to a new sail, or need new line, masts or booms, West Coast Sailing has the Sunfish sailboat parts you're looking for. Find out more about our story by clicking here. All boats are inspected by our team of dinghy experts and are complete and ready to sail! Double Braids, sometimes called braid on braid, have a braided core within a braided outer jacket or cover. We offer whipping twine spools and kits as well as a variety of fids and splicing tools. A small sailors tool or knife can be secured in an easy to grab pocket of a pfd for whenever a line needs to be cut or a cam spring tension adjusted and more. Also known as the Flying Junior, this double-handed dinghy is used extensively for racing and junior sailing on the west coast. Polyester/blended single braids, sometimes called hollow braid, are soft and easy to grip, built for sheets and hand-adjusted control lines. Last updated July 1st, 2020. There are two types of single braid lines: performance single braids and polyester/blended single braids. Tools and accessories for whipping and splicing sailing line. Search via part number (as found on the parts locator) in the search bar above. We offer a variety of parts and accessories for many types of small sailboats and popular dinghies including the Tasar, I14, 505, Weta, Lightning, Snipe, Flying Scot, Thistle, and Vanguard 15. Most blocks, for example, have an 'ideal' diameter (ie, the line diameter that runs most effectively though the block's sheave) but also have a range so that you can run a slightly thinner or slightly thicker line. Since most low stretch Dyneema, Spectra, and Vectran lines are a single-braid without a cover, they are not recommended for applications where the line needs to be cleated and uncleated often. 10mm = 25/64 in. 7001 Seaview Ave NW Suite 130 Seattle, WA 98117 (206) 782-5100 Shockcord is a unique type of line that stretches and then recovers back to the original length. Scholastic ICSA, ISSA, and other related discounts do not apply. Since 1950, Hobie Cat Sailboats has been shaping a unique lifestyle based around fun, water, and quality products. Many think Vectran is the ultimate fiber, though it does not have quite the fatigue life or UV resistance of Dyneema or Spectra. Visit our YC & Program Purchasing page for more details. Perfect for the DIY sailor looking to further optimize their rigging. If you've previously used a 7mm halyard and it has performed well, another 7mm line is likely a great choice. If you have a larger boat or rig and want to run a thinner halyard, consider a double braid line that features a Dyneema or spectra core for strength. And finally, if you're looking for ultra lightweight grip, check out our selection of gardening grip gloves, designed to grip small diameter line and hold on tight. If you don't see what you are looking for, the part may be a general part which will be located under our General Parts tab at the top of the page. | 12mm = 1/2 in. Spectra and Vectran line have extremely low stretch and are perfect for performance applications such as travelers or as part on a control set up. These are most likely in nautical colors paired with a Breton t-shirt and chinos to complete the look. Thinking about sailing shoes may bring up visions of well-dressed people lounging on deck in -- you guessed it -- deck shoes. Inflatable PFDsDesigned for larger boat sailing, these vests automatically inflate in water. Products such as covers, dollies, wind indicators, carbon tiller extensions, blocks, and other upgrades do not need to be sourced from a designated class builder. High performance gear for the active dinghy and small boat sailor. From drysuits, thermal tops, and wet suits for cold weather, to spray tops and spray pants for scholastic sailors, to foul weather gear, dinghy boots, life jackets, hiking pants, gloves, and hats for any sailor, we offer one of the most comprehensive selections of dinghy sailing gear … ILCA Dinghy parts from Ovington Boats, a International Laser Class Association approved builder, available now at West Coast Sailing. At West Coast Sailing, we carry a wide range of sailing gloves for fast action dinghy sailing, scholastic sailing, cruising, keelboat sailing, offshore sailing, and more. Browse top line recommendations for sailboat mainsheets, jib sheets, spinnaker sheets, and more for dinghies, sportboats, and keelboats. Single Braids are made up of either 8 or 12 strands that are braided into a circular pattern, half clockwise and half counter clockwise. Spend more time on the water with a new dolly, trailer, or rack. These kits include pre cut line for every application on your boat so it's easy to quickly replace and upgrade worn or tired line. Contact us today to find out why a new Zim sailboat is perfect for your sailor or program. Let us help you get ready to own the water on your sailboat. West Coast Sailing is your source for Opti parts. In addition to our full selection of ILCA International Laser Class Association approved parts and fittings, for recreational sailors or programs, check out our practice parts section for non class legal parts. Shop by category to find the right gear for your specific sailing need - offshore sailing, coastal sailing, inshore sailing, dinghy sailing, scholastic sailing, … The Laser is manufactured by LaserPerformance, based in Newport, RI. West Coast Sailing typically offers charter boats for key Columbia Gorge Racing Association events in the Gorge at Cascade Locks each summer. Looking to clean up the end of your line or need to add a splice to your rig? Neoprene boots provide great support and protection for the active dinghy sailor. Waterproof fabric and seals at the wrist and neck mean your drysuit is fully submersible and will keep you warm and dry inside. A passion for Laser sailing and supporting fellow Laser sailors has been core to the identity of West Coast Sailing since our founding in 2005. These should only be used by experienced swimmers and in conditions where there is access to quick rescue and/or sailing in sheltered water. Product Suggestions - If you're looking for a specific part for your boat that you cannot find, let us know. Enjoy free ground shipping on orders over $80 and no sales tax! Their boats have been sailed by thousands of junior sailors around the country and around the world, earning top podium positions at world championships and national events. 1-16 of over 1,000 results for "cold water swimming gear" Skip to main search results ... for Triathlon Training and Cold Open Water Swimming (Unisex) 4.3 out of 5 ... Tights 2mm Neoprene High Waisted Outdoor Water Sport Leggings Keep Warm for Surfing Diving Snorkeling Swimming Canoeing Sailing … We stock a huge selection of small boat sailing blocks from Harken and Ronstan. Whether you need a new Laser mainsheet, spinnaker sheets for your cruising boat, or jibsheets for your sportboat, we offer a selection of the industry's best sailing line from top brands you can trust. Expert Advice & Sailing Apparel ResourcesNot sure what gear you need? If you've previously used a 7mm sheet and it has performed well, another 7mm line is likely a great choice. When it comes to the gear I personally like, and which many of the sailors I coach wear, there are different solutions for different conditions and time of year. Line has come a long way in the past 5-10 years, with even the most entry level options offering more strength, durability, and uv resistance than ever before. West Coast Sailing offer a wide selection of control lines for small sailboat vangs, cunninghams, outhauls, and more. We carry pre-cut style "Euro" numbers and the traditional "Digital 8' style numbers, which can be cut to any specific number, in a variety of number heights and colors. In an effort to better serve existing boat owners and fleets, West Coast Sailing is pleased to offer an extensive selection of replacement parts, upgrades, and accessories for key RS Sailing boats. If you have a sheet that is getting hung up in your rig, stepping down 1-2mm might help the sheet run more efficiently. These pieces offer a more tailored and comfortable fit for long hours on the water. Performance single braids are made from fibers with very low stretch and designed to handle extreme loads - think Dyneema, Spectra, or Vectran. Line Kits for Popular One Design Sailboats including Laser, Sunfish, Hobie 16, Weta, and Tasar. West Coast Sailing has long been a go-to source for dinghy sailboat parts, and is rapidly expanding it's offering of parts and accessories for many popular one-design keelboats such as the  J/22, J/24, Sonar, Etchells, J/105, Melges 24, and more. If you control line system requires a 'secondary' line (such as on a Laser vang, for example), a single braid high tech line such as Dyneema or Spectra is appropriate. Foul weather gear for tough ocean conditions in cold waters demands incredible durability, functionality, water tightness, and breathability. In those use cases you'll want to consider a line with a cover, such as a high performance dyneema or spectra core line with a heavy duty polyester cover. Shop our extensive range of waterproof spray pants and trousers, performance sailing pants, hydrophobic and spandex leggings, and shorts from Gill, Zhik, Ronstan, Helly Hansen, and more. Dry equals warm. Outfitting your sailboat for recreational sailing or cruising doesn't mean sacrificing on line. On some small sailboats, this might be a short 20 foot length of basic 5mm line. All gear is *brand new* (unless otherwise indicated) and ready to hit the water. If you have a larger boat or rig and want to run a thinner control line , consider a double braid high tech line that features a Dyneema or spectra core for strength. Sailing headwear including hats, beanies, visors, and wool hats. Although drysuits are less breathable, they make agile deckwear in tough conditions, with unbeatable … Shop short finger gloves and long finger gloves styles for traditional sailing gloves with great grip and protection. Updated July 1st, 2020. Parts and accessories for popular one design dinghy sailboats including Tasar, I14, 505, Weta, Lightning, Snipe, Flying Scot, Thistle, and Vanguard 15. Parts locators located on each page for easy reference! Diameters between 2 mm and 8 mm available in a variety of colors. The fastest way to ruin cold-weather sailing is to … These lines are uncovered and more likely to wear, but do feature UV coating to protect from sun damage. Line - Great options for halyards, sheets, control lines, and rigging in a wide range of diameters and materials available on our Line page. Wet suits available in full length, farmer john style sleeveless, pants, and shorts styles for adults and kids.Pick up yours today and keep sailing late into the season. They have more foam buoyancy than a buoyancy aid and are designed to keep a person facing upwards in the water, even when unconscious.

When dressing for cold weather your clothing should be broken down into three layers. From inflatable and paddle kayaks to MirageDrive pedal kayaks and Pro Anglers, Hobie has the perfect kayak for you to get out on the water. They offer wind and spray protection and are often designed to cover your core and legs, with shoulder straps, elastic waist, and ankle closures, Shop our extensive range of waterproof pants and trousers designed for the active sailor. Browse through our huge selection of Hobie Cat approved parts for the Hobie 14, Hobie 16, Hobie 17, Hobie 18, Hobie Bravo, Hobie Wave, Hobie Getaway, Hobie Adventure Island, Hobie Tandem Island, and more. … Love it.' Portland, OR 97217 Sailing gear designed for the female sailor. This creates a strong, durable, smooth-running line that is easy to handle. At West Coast Sailing, we offer a variety of high quality, durable, and affordable line options designed for the recreational and cruising sailor. The brands Ronstan, Stohlquist, and WinDesign follow a similar convention. Sailing … Outfit your boat with the latest accessories including wind indicators, mast floats, inspection ports, maintenance items, and more. If you are planning on going sailing in a dinghy, you’ll wear very different clothing than say learning to sail a yacht. West Coast Sailing is the West Coast USA regional distributor for the entire range of RS sailboats and a key voice in the development of RS racing and sailing activities in North America. Whether its ankle-length short boots, or mid-calf length, we've got the sailing boots that are right for you. We have the popular Pro Top and Pro Salopettes, Supewarm and Microfleece wetsuits, rash guards, boots, gloves, headwear and more in stock. Beach dollies available from Dynamic Dollies & Racks and Seitech plus trailers from Trailex, Right-On, and Carnai. Whether you are moving your boat up and down the beach or across the country, we have a solution for you. In most applications, there is some flexibility in the exact diameter that can be used. West Coast Sailing has one of the most extensive selections of hiking pants & shorts for dinghy sailing. Find out more about our story by, West Coast Sailing Blog - Sailing Advice, News, & Tips. More info -->. All Rights Reserved, FREE SHIPPING on qualifying orders $49 or more (, Spray pants, sometimes called salopettes or sailing bibs, are a key part of a dinghy sailor's kit. It's common to see these lines used as halyards, in sail control line systems, as travelers, or even as replacements for wire rigging in some performance applications. Find go fast upgrades for racers or durable parts for recreational and club sailors. If you're looking for line with near zero stretch, then our selection of Dyneema, Spectra, and Vectran lines are for you! Let us help you get ready to own the water in your Sunfish! West Coast Sailing has all the tools you need to store and transport your small sailboat, dinghy, kayak, or other small boat including beach dollies and replacement dolly fittings, trailers, storage racks, and more. This can be done with a caliper or by close estimation with a tape measure. All kits are designed by the experts at West Coast Sailing and feature lengths, diameters, and materials we recommend to sailors every day. West Coast Sailing has worked with Ovington to support 29er sailors in North American for over 10 years. Ovington Boats - ILCA Dinghy & 29er Skiff. Parts & Accessories for Popular One-Design Keelboats. West Coast Sailing is your ultimate source for all things Laser and ILCA dinghy sailing, trusted by sailors worldwide and supporting the sailing community since 2005. See our What To Wear Guides for recommendations. Made from a LCP (liquid crystal polymer) fiber, Vectran exhibits high strength, excellent creep and abrasion resistance, excellent flex/fold and chemical resistance, and outstanding heat and cut resistance. This produces a line that is supple, absorbs twists, and tends not to kink. Pair with a smock top and thermal top for those chilly days on the water! No matter what type of halyard line you need, West Coast Sailing has you covered. Shop online today and get your boat back out on the water. See our Shipping Information page for details (opens in new window)Shop with confidence thanks to easy returns and exchanges. The first layer, closest to your skin, should move … In August 2020, Ovington Boats became the newest International Laser Class Association approved ILCA dinghy builder. Since the 1950s, there has been no better way to play on the water than in a Sunfish. Zhik sizing now includes a fourth size, so their range is Junior XS - Junior L, with kids 8-14. If you're looking for small boat blocks, we've got you covered! The Seattle Sailing Club online sailing gear store is the place for Gill Racer Smocks. We do that too! Line Kits for Popular One Design Sailboats including Laser, Sunfish, and Tasar. Browse top line recommendations for sailboat mainsheets, jib sheets, spinnaker sheets, and more. Parts & Accessories for Hobie Cat Sailboats & Kayaks. We offer flat rate $5 shipping on all Hobie Cat orders over $35 (excluding oversize items) and easy returns & exchanges. If you work in commercial fishing, you know how important quality foul weather fishing gear is to your comfort and safety. A drysuit is a must for any dinghy sailor sailing in extremely cold conditions. Two terms you will often see in line descriptions are 'double braid' and 'single braid', which refer to the way the line is constructed. Durable Line Options for Recreational and Cruising Sailors. General Parts & Hardware - We offer a huge selection of General Parts including hardware, blocks, cleats, shackles, accessories and more here. Great in a pinch for repairs or lashing items. All Rights Navis Marine. A drysuit offers full body protection from the elements and a favorite for cold weather sailing! Selecting Foul Weather Gear. Check out our Size Charts (opens in new window) Need to chat with an expert? Polyester double braids, found most commonly on recreational and cruising sailboats, have a polyester cover with polyester core. Reserved, SALE RACK - Save up to 60% on past season foul weather gear. Both Dyneema (Dynema) and Spectra offer nearly identical characteristics are can be used interchangeably in sailing applications, depending on where you source your line. Or shop deck shoes for big boat sailing and our full range of socks and other footwear accessories. West Coast Sailing offers a high quality shockcord in a range of diameters. These high tech lines have near zero stretch and perfect for performance applications such as travelers or as part on a control set up. Most quality sailing gear is water repellant and will keep you dry. These waist height pants work great on and off the boat, offering convenient protection from wind, spray, and rain. Hiking pants offer comfort so you can hike harder in your sailboat. From drysuits, thermal tops, and wet suits for cold weather, to spray tops and spray pants for scholastic sailors, to foul weather gear, dinghy boots, life jackets, hiking pants, gloves, and hats for any sailor, we offer one of the most comprehensive selections of dinghy sailing gear you'll find anywhere. Their club, intermediate, and pro boats are trusted and proven. US Coast Guard Approved Life Jackets These are US Coast Guard approved, Type III life jackets (sometimes called personal flotation devices or PFDs), and meet all requirements for US Sailing. Our expert team has selected line based on recommended material, diameter, and length so you'll know it will work great! Discover the joy of sailing and the thrill of adventure on a new RS this summer. 2mm / 3mm / 4mm / 5mm Robline Dinghy Control. Our rubber sailing boots have a broad fit to accommodate thicker socks and warm layers. For control lines, the exact choice can vary based on preference and type of boat sailed, but typically we recommend a standard single braid (soft hand, great for mainsheets on smaller boats!) Shell: Nylon. Portland, OR 97217 Over the past 15 years we've worked with thousands of sailors around the world, outfitting individual sailors, families, programs, and sailing centers with the right boats. Polypropylene is a floating line commonly used as a bow line on small boats such as Optimists and Lasers. Buoyancy AidsPopular in Europe, buoyancy aids are typically lighter and more slim fitting than USCG approved PFDs. The exception is the Robline Dinghy Vectran, which has a Vectran core. Our staff of sailors knows the product inside and out and can offer practical tips for the best gear for your particular sailing situation. If you’re looking for C420 sailboat parts, you’ll find virtually any item you need to repair or maintain your sailboat here. Shop Our Selection of Certified Used Sailboats. From inflatable and paddle kayaks to MirageDrive pedal kayaks and Pro Anglers, Hobie has the perfect way for you to get out on the water. Sailing gear designed specifically for female sailors including tops, life jackets, wetsuits, and accessories. 1mm = 3/64 inch | 2mm = 5/64 inch | 3mm = 1/8 inch, 4mm = 5/32 inch | 5mm = 3/16 inch | 6mm = 1/4 inch, 7mm = 9/32 inch | 8mm = 5/16 inch | 9mm = 3/8 inch, 10mm = 25/64 in | 11mm = 7/16 in  | 12mm = 1/2 in. or a double braid polyester or double braid high tech line. Stay dry and comfortable on and off the boat with a new jacket from Gill or Zhik, with styles for men, women, and junior sailors. Since 1968, West Marine has grown to over 250 local stores, with knowledgeable Associates happy to … Popular among keelboat and offshore sailors. Check out performance favorites such as Dinghy Sheet XL, Rooster Polilite, Coppa 500, and Samson Ultra-Lite and reliable options such as Marlow Double Braid and Orion 300.
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