The ancient Egyptians worshipped hundreds of gods and goddesses. The bodies of these ancient gods were always human but their heads looked like birds and animals. As time went on Ptah was linked with many other gods, especially Sokaris and Osiris. Sounds strange putting those two things together don’t you think? After their great struggle he rose again and became the king of the underworld and the judge of the dead. He represented drought and as lord of the desert and drought, he was the enemy to everything that gave life. Kids learn about Ancient Egyptian Pyramids. Do you know any other cool facts to share with us about him? The Egyptians usually showed Seth as a man with the head of a fantastic animal that they called the Seth animal. His body travelled down the Nile and across the sea to the Phoenician coast, where it eventually rested at the foot of a tamarisk tree. She must have been awesome to be around! She guided them and comforted their families. Ra sailed across the heavens in a boat called the 'Barque of Millions of Years'. He was the god who spoke the words and the craftsman who built part of the creation. Now that was nice of her! Symbols of Egyptian Gods. He had heaps of names throughout the centuries in which ancient Egypt flourished. He was certainly linked to many different animals and was sometimes shown as just one of them. There were two rather large festivals that were associated with Seth. Amun was a creator god who became a national god after the pharaohs moved their capital to the city of Thebes. Thoth was said to be the inventor of hieroglyphic writing and the Egyptians believed he gave this to them as a gift. Her headpiece also had a uraeus, which means cobra, and she was often dressed in red. Horus was worshiped all over Egypt, especially in Pe, Bendet and Khem, ancient Egyptian towns. All the symbols and the myths as well as the looks of all the older gods were all mushed up together to form the new god Ra! Some stories said that Seth helped Ra. In some myths, Seth fought against Ra, but this wasn’t true in all myths. It was thought that her power was great enough not only to help Osiris, but at times to rule over him. There were over 2,000 names of gods in Ancient Egypt. Horus was considered to be very handsome. As we said, Horus was the god of the sky. Isis got the pillar back and moved it to Egypt. He sure was very, very important. Wow, that just seems crazy! The road to the Temple of Amun in ancient Thebes (now Luxor) was lined with ram headed lion sphinxes, each one guarding between its front legs a statue of the pharaoh. Nephthys and Isis were opposites of each other, where Nephthys was associated with death and Isis was associated with rebirth. hoth was the God of knowledge, wisdom and hieroglyphs. o Tehuti Finally, the last battle was Horus against Set. Just to add to the confusion he was also referred to as ‘Re’! Egyptian Gods: Hieroglypics: Hierarchy: Ka: Mummies: River Nile: Pharaohs: Pyramids: Rosetta Stone: Scribes: Shaduf: Timeline: Tutankhamun. Anubis was a strange looking god, but a powerful one too. Here are all of his names: Pharaoh Djehuty who ruled Upper Egypt around 1650 BC was named after Thoth. She was one ancient Goddess as she was written about in the Old Kingdom writings. Like most of the gods that the ancient people of Egypt worshipped, Isis was believed to have supernatural powers. He was all about justice and honesty. There was also a long staff called a sceptre and it was believed that it had magical powers, which symbolised divine power and authority. Seth was the God of chaos, darkness, the desert and drought. He was later combined with Ra, who was a sun-god, a creator god and the king of the gods. She was obviously very important. Share it with us. o Djehuty Egypt Life (story and game) My Daily Life in Ancient Egypt - An Original Story written by a former student of ours (now a teacher!) There has been evidence uncovered that shows that she was worshipped throughout the ancient world. The curved beak apparently symbolises the curve of the moon. Apparently Seth’s cult was one of the oldest in Egypt. Because these two goddesses were connected, it kind of makes sense that Sekhmet was linked to loads of other goddesses including Hathor, Nut, and Bastet. The ostrich was a symbol of creation and light. ©Copyright Mandy Barrow 2013 Nephthys and her sister Isis were often together and you could only tell them apart by the hieroglyph on their heads. Can you imagine what you would look like? Osiris was the oldest son of Geb and Nut who were the first king and queen of Egypt. Many of them are shown in paintings and sculptures in the shape of animals, or wearing the masks of animals. He was often worshipped under the name of Ptah-Seker-Osiris. The Ogdoad of Hermopolis (Khmunu) had 4 female-male pairs of water gods, the goddesses in the form of snakes or cobras and the gods as frogs. He was the one who apparently invented the process of embalming, which is how bodies were preserved. How scary! Apparently if you read it you would get awesome magical powers, but you would also be troubled by a life filled with disaster. Egyptian creation stories say that Ptah made the other gods by first imagining them in his heart and then using his voice to breathe life into them. The same animal may represent a different god depending on the area, temple, or timeframe. Apparently his mother, Nephthys, left her son exposed to the elements. He sent Hathor out to sort it out and terrorise all the people. Ra in Ancient Egyptian Mythology – The Sun Gods. Ra was said to have created himself out of the mound that emerged from the ancient waters. It is believed that he was responsible for the creation of the heavens and Earth and all that are in them. Goddess of Protection and of household entertainment. Like most gods, he was also seen as the protector of people who worshipped him. The colour of Anubis could link him to Osiris, whose green flesh represents the fertile fields.
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