Ocklawaha River: kayak poker run Posted: May 13, 2009 by Jeff Fabiszewski in Florida Kayaking, Ocklawaha River Tags: FL, kayak poker run, kayak race, Ocklawaha River, Silver River. SILVER SPRINGS, FL — In a state full of great kayaking destinations, the Silver River consistently ranks near the top. We hope you'll join us as we come together for ping pong, volleyball and a host of other fun-filled activities. Paddle on Spring Basin, Fort King Waterway, 6-Mile Silver River. From the Johnson Field Boat Ramp at the SR 19 bridge to the St. Johns River (5 miles) - The most popular paddling areas are Ray FL Panhandle The current is slow enough so that you can paddle upstream. in Lake County to the St. Johns River, and is one of the few The Oklawaha River is one of the only three rivers in the world that flow north and it makes a fine location for scenic boating, canoeing and kayaking. Location: Marion and Putnam Counties (Ocala) The waterway varies greatly in depth and width and passes under many low-hanging trees in the first several miles. “Every time I head out it’s a different experience,” Toler says. Rodman Recreation Area to St. Johns River. CR 316 bridge to Kirkpatrick Dam - this takes you through Ocklawaha River boundaries of the Ocala National Forest. He was out going to write a book on his journey down the St. John’s and Ockalwaha, and he was literally living off the river in his makeshift boat. rivers in the U.S. flowing south to north. “The section we paddle has been set aside as the Ocklawaha River Preserve. First option is to go West and cross the ‘sandbar’ against the current, to get into the Ocklawaha channel and paddle with the current on the Ocklawaha, or paddle East with the current, 1.37 miles, reaching the Historic original channel of the Ocklawaha River. are several side creeks to explore. distance on the Silver River. “The section we paddle has been set aside as the Ocklawaha River Preserve. In the event of a lightning storm you’re stuck without good options. Wayside Park to Gore's Landing (about 10 miles), Gore's All Rights Reserved. Moss Bluff Lock and Dam to Ray Wayside Park (14 miles) - a portion In this state park, you can kayak in the Ichetucknee River. At Gore's Landing are a boat developed, the dam was part of that project. Put in at the Rodman Dam Landing and take out at the Highway 19 Landing, which is reached by paddling south just after passing under the Highway 19 bridge. On the St. Johns, it's Construction was halted in 1971 Ocklawaha River Tours on this river start in Eureka Hwy. The upper river near Ocala, from Ray Wayside Park This scenic 8-mile river flows between Silver Springs and the Ocklawaha River on the western edge of the Ocala National Forest. Click HERE for their website. PaddleFlorida.net The Silver River flows five miles from the head spring to its confluence with the Ocklawaha River, completely within the confines and protection of Silver Springs State Park. At Moss Bluff are boat ramp, picnic tables, restrooms, parking. Moss Bluff to Rodman Reservoir (south to north). Difficulty: Easy to moderate Paddling Silver River at Silver Springs State Park, near Ocala. Posted: May 17, 2009 by Jeff Fabiszewski in Florida Kayaking, Ocklawaha River Tags: Florida, kayak poker run, Marion County Aquaholics Paddlers Group, Ocklawaha River. Find A-Z, About Us was slated to be part of the Cross Florida Barge Canal and was channelized and The trail is rated as moderate and offers a number of activity options. and back from launch, from point to point It’s an area of the river that was never altered during the Cross Florida Barge Canal days and it still has that real Florida jungle-like feel.” The canal project got its start during the Great Depression and progressed in fits and starts until opposition by Marjorie Harris Carr lead to Nixon’s suspension of the project in 1971. Canoeing & Kayaking in Florida Canoeing in Florida is like a day in paradise with your family or group. Park. (Detailed map and photos below. Gore's Landing, SR 316 bridge (Lake Ocklawaha). We provide kayak rentals on the Silver River in Ocala, FL area. Whether you stay in one of our luxury log cabins or camp on our grounds you'll find a courteous, professional staff committed to meeting your every need. This final paddle had a mission to find one of several Sentinel Cypress’ located throughout the swamp forests of the Ocklawaha Basin. winding with many side streams, a good GPS and map are recommended. Service (UF Archives) - Canoeing the Ocala National Forest. E-Z Google Map, 35+ Photos, First-hand Report. HOME Lake Ocklawaha was formed by Rodman Dam We were out one day and we came across an old gentlemen on a makeshift boat that we stopped to talk to. … Ibis on the Ocklawaha River 2019 comes to an end tonight and Florida Paddles Notes brings another year to end paddling on one of Florida’s beautiful waterways, The Ocklawaha River. PaddleFlorida.Net... Find Florida's Best Recreational Paddling, Site Map, 100FloridaTrails.com Trip started at the Ocklwaha Canoe Outpost in Eureka, FL. Landing to the CR 316 bridge (about 9 miles), and the then about a mile north to Welaka. Explore the Silver River! The canal was officially deauthorized in 1991 and turned the Marjorie Harriss Carr Cross Florida Greenway. Resort  (rentals). Florida Keys Welcome to the Ocklawaha Canoe Outpost & Resort Canoeing, Kayaking and Cabin Rental in Florida There is no better canoeing in Florida this year than on the Ocklawaha River. “It’s amazing when you get out there and its almost as clear as the Silver River,” Toler says. ), Distance: 10 miles from SR 40 to Gore's Landing; 9 miles Discovery also offers tours on the Silver River, where it is the concessionaire for the new state park. OCALA NATIONAL FOREST, FL — For the quiet unspoiled beauty of the Ocklawaha River, one of the state’s most wild and scenic waterways, perhaps you can thank Richard Nixon. Me and a few friends kayaked the ocklawaha river and camped on the bank. This is a long river. It’s a comfortable but lengthy trip, usually taking about five hours to complete. Rodman Recreation Area at Kirkpatrick Dam to the SR 19 boat ramp (8 miles). Ray Wayside Park facilities include boat Those things stick in your mind. “It’s super important to watch the weather ahead of time. Kirkpatrick Dam to the SR 19 boat ramp (8 miles). ramp, primitive camping, restroom and picnic tables. Oklawaha River: Ray's Landing to Gore's Landing is a 10.4 mile point-to-point trail located near Ocala, Florida that features a river. “The Ocklawaha has a lot of history that is unique to the river,” says Ryan Toler of Discovery Kayak Tours. Over 58 mile kayak trip. See manatee, alligators, turtles & a full array of birds as you drift back to our private landing on the river. Overnight rentals are also available for those who want to camp along the river. The trip includes at least three stops and takes about five an a half hours. You are here > Home > Pull-off and take-out points are very limited due to the narrowness of the channel and the nature of the surrounding terrain. Kayak, Canoe. Paddlers have several options; out Florida Defenders of the Environment (FDE), which Carr co-founded in 1969, continues to push for the preservation and restoration of the Ocklawaha River. 316 from the Marjorie Harris Carr Greenway West Boat Ramp. Kirkpatrick Dam/Rodman Reservoir, Ocklawaha Canoe Outpost and Latest update: January 2017, Ocklawaha River flows 74 miles from Lake Griffin Private tours for up to six $120 for 2 hours of fun and relaxin! The Silver River may be more popular as a kayak destination but the Ocklawaha can be equally scenic especially during periods of low rainfall in the Winter and Spring. Explore the Ocklawaha River or wakeboard across Lake Weir. Weather can change unexpectedly in five hours and there aren’t places to to abandon the trip along the way. The river is a popular place to canoe, kayak and fish. Tidal: No Rentals, Shuttle Service. Canoeing and kayaking are the only permitted activities along Juniper Run. They offer rentals, shuttle and camping. flows into the Ocklawaha near Ray Wayside Park; the influx of water from the first-magnitude Lake Griffin to Silver River Confluence The cost including a kayak rental is $65 per person. Launch points: Upper: Ray Wayside Park (SR 40 bridge), On Saturday, May 16, 2009, the Marion County Aquaholics Paddlers Group will sponsor their 10th Annual Paddlers PokerRun. The group tours proceed at a leisurely pace, stopping three times for refreshments and to stretch. The Rodman Recreation Area has parking, boat ramp, kayak launch, The lower river (downstream from Rodman Reservoir) from the and beautiful waterways in Florida, its center section forming the western and northern Lower: Kirkpatrick Three tandem Oldtown Kayak. The upper watershed for the Ocklawaha River includes the … using the outfitter's shuttle service, or longer Plenty of water makes for great fun on your river trip on the Ocklawaha River. Discovery Kayak Tours and Rentals. abounds. East-Central FL, West-Central FL Lower Ocklawaha River This is a dark, slow-moving, twisting river with little fluctuation in water level. Ocala/Marion County boasts the best inshore boating Central Florida has to offer. OCKLAWAHA RIVER, FL — Deep under the shade of cypress, swamp maple and sable palms, central Florida’s Ocklawaha River runs clear and cool, even now in the stifling heat of summer. Defenders of the Environment (FDE). Along the way, there OFFERING PRIVATE TOURS FOR 3 Passengers $60 for 2 hours and $30 each additional hour. The Ocklawaha River flows north from the Harris chain of lakes for 74 miles to the St. Johns River. Filed Under: Florida Kayaking Trips - Our Favorites Tagged With: ocklawaha, Marjorie Harriss Carr Cross Florida Greenway. to the outfitter's landing (about 9 miles). “The Ocklawaha has a lot of history that is unique to the river,” says Ryan Toler of Discovery Kayak Tours. (now renamed the Kirkpatrick Dam). The river has recently been cleared of large strainers so the trip should be easy to navigate. Oklawaha Canoe Outpost and Resort is just north of CR316 near the Eureka West boat ramp. The Silver River facilities. Gores's Landing to Lake Ocklawaha; 8 miles Kirkpatrick Dam to Hwy19; 74 in total It was once, in the 1960s, supposed to be part of the ill-c… The source of the Ocklawaha is Lake Griffin, the final lake of the Harris Chain. Nearby points of interest: Ocala, Silver Springs, Use the South He had been on the water for three months already.”. StJohnsRiverEats.com. There are days when you’re out and there’s flocks of white ibis by the hundreds and they’ll just follow you down the river. Upper Ocklawaha River There are also options for a one-night camping trip and a two-night trip with two nights on the river. Description This trip begins with a brief, fifteen minute float down the Silver river to it’s confluence with the Ocklawaha. At the bridge is parking and the boat ramp, no other Silver Spring changes the flow from slow to fast-flowing river. Boating, Canoeing and Kayaking on the Oklawaha River and Beyond Nelson's Outdoor Resort is located in a boat-lover's paradise! Camp overnight or canoe for just a few hours, Ocklawaha Canoe Outpost and Resort … The Ocklawaha Canoe Outpost and Resort is situated on 7.25 acres of serene, untouched beauty on the Ocklawaha River abutting the Ocala National Forest and centrally located between Jacksonville, Tampa, Gainesville, Orlando and Ocala. Toler’s guided tours begin at Ray Wayside Park in Ocala and paddle 10 miles downstream to Gore’s Landing near Fort McCoy. are debated by those who enjoy the fiishing and recreational opportunities on Launch on the upstream side of the dam to proceed toward Ray Wayside For information, call (352) 789-4959. It is one of the most scenic and serene rivers in North Central Florida and a favorite outing for local paddlers. Located on the beautiful Ocklawaha River in the Ocala Forest, we offer canoe and kayak rentals with transportation to areas on the river where you can explore all old Florida has to offer. many powerboats. Rodman Reservoir and Lake Ocklawaha. The Ocklawaha is one of the most natural Ichetucknee Springs State Park. watch for motor boats. Cabins at the Ocklawaha Outpost are efficiently designed and cute but very compact. follows the old canal system. Here, as the Silver’s cold, clear water blends with the warm, tannin stained waters of the Ocklawaha, the significance of the huge spring run to the Ocklawaha system is apparent. Dam, SR19 bridge (See map) If I had to pick a favorite of these four, it would … BikeOrlando.net Trip length : 4 – … Lake Ocklawaha and Rodman Reservoir - wide, popular for fishing, North Florida > due to the efforts of environmentalist Marjorie Harris Carr and the Florida Silver River kayak rentals, Silver Springs kayak rentals. The Ocklawaha River is a major tributary of the St. Johns River. at SR 40 to Gore's Landing (about 10 miles). Took the van shuttle to Gore's Landing on the Ocklawaha River. Out here on a weekday afternoon, far removed from the sound of civilization, you can kayak through a forest so thick you’ll wonder if you’ve drifted back into another age If it’s looking iffy, we postpone the trip.”. Portions of the river remain mostly undisturbed by man. The Ocklawaha River, which borders the Ocala National Forest on the west and north, is the largest tributary of the St. Johns River. Click to like Florida Kayaker on Facebook and enjoy more Florida kayaking discoveries. This includes a short ramps, bank fishing, volleyball, a playground, picnic pavilion and restrooms. 0. North FL The river offers a wide, wild and scenic paddle through Florida’s heartland. Toler reminds kayakers to be prepared when putting out into the Ockalwaha. for more information). South FL At one time the Ocklawaha Watch a video of paddling along the Ocklawaha on our Facebook page, Ocklawaha Canoe Outpost and Resort - This river … “There are days you go out and might see 40 baby alligators that are a week old all sitting on the same log. We offer 3 guided canoe and kayak trips on the Ocklawaha River: Ocklawaha River: Gore’s Landing – Eureka (see description below) Ocklawaha River: Silver River – Gore’s Landing Florida’s Pompeii – The Reservoir (Rodman Dam) Ocklawaha River: Gore’s Landing – Eureka Canoe and Kayak trip Group size: 1 – 24 people. This is the first time using this camera for the type of videoing. This river is just so beautiful and so "wild" looking. Wildlife The Ocklawaha River can be divided into 4 sections based on how the stretches have been manipulated for the ship and barge canals. 0. Discovery Kayak Tours in Ocala offers tours in a dozen locations including a 10-mile guided tour from Ray Wayside Park (near the junction of the Silver River) to Gores Landing near Fort McCoy. Canoes, kayaks, tubes, and boats of all sorts are available throughout the area, or bring your own and enjoy our many waterways, including 600 lakes, rivers and springs in the Ocala National Forest alone. Camera used Fuji xp70. The river forms the western boundary of the Ocala National Forest. Florida Waterways “The Ocklawaha River” By Kevin McCarthy One of the most beautiful, but beleaguered rivers in North Central Florida, is the Ocklawaha, a 100-mile-long waterway that is the largest tributary of the St. Johns River. Silver Spring and the Silver River: Kayaking at it best. Other major boating areas and activities include: There are many primitive campsites along the way... you can pick the one you want. From Gore's Landing to the CR 316 bridge, or just beyond Watch for assorted wildlife and flowers along the riverbank. trips with overnight camping (contact outfitter Ocklawaha Map, Florida State Parks - Rodman Recreation Area, USDA Forest Service - Canoeing in Ocala National Forest, USDA Forest Ocklawaha River Kayaking... South to North in Ocala National Forest Ocklawaha River flows 74 miles from Lake Griffin in Lake County to the St. Johns River, and … restrooms, picnic area, fishing pier. Restoration efforts have by Kayak, Canoe, and Paddleboard too. It’s an area of the river that was never altered during the Cross Florida Barge Canal days and it … Copyright © 2020 PaddleFlorida.net. Ocklawaha River map The half-day liveried paddle trip I took from Gores Landing can be done in canoes, double kayaks or single kayak. worked to restore the original river channel; proposals to dismantle the dam Ocklawaha River Kayak Silver Springs to the St. Johns River. What's New We make sure we’ve got a five to six hour window of good weather.
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