Rig with leader and a small egg sinker above the swivel to run just below the surface. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Nylon jigs are considered on of the best lures, especially when retrieved rapidly with an occasional jerk of the rod tip to impact a darting motion to the jig. Clark spoons can be trolled at fast speeds, up to 10 knots. Yes that’s right, boiled! The skin is usually left onto keep the fillets from falling apart. If the bite is timid, switch to 30- to 40-pound mono leader. Don’t forget to claim your coupon code: “2020ALLBLUE” TO GET A 10% OFF ON ORDERS ABOVE £6.34 valid till August 30th, exclusive for FishingTails users! Davids Spanish Mackerel Fishing Lures. Chumming is a very effective technique for anglers Spanish mackerel fishing. This results in the wounded bait swimming in an erratic manner. Also, Hatley summer clothing is 30% off. Wrecks, artificial reefs, and ledges work well for anglers fishing offshore while deeper grass flats are prime spots in the inshore bays.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'fishinglidokey_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_5',116,'0','0'])); Once the boat is anchored, several handfuls of live bait are tossed out behind the boat. The most productive lures for anglers Spanish mackerel fishing have two characteristics; a fast erratic action as well as some flash. Diving birds will also give away the location of foraging schools of Spanish mackerel. Plugs have lips on them which will determine the depth that which the plug will dive when being pulled behind the boat. However, unlike a bucktail jig, the tail is easily replaced. One ounce is a great all-round size, though anglers can go up in weight if needed. Rapala X-Raps are also very productive when trolled. There are several different methods that can be used to accomplish this. Like just about every other saltwater game fish, Spanish mackerel are attracted to structure. Spanish mackerel prefer lures that are moving at a brisk pace. how to catch Spanish Mackerel. Capt Jim has been running Sarasota fishing charters since 1991. Spoons do require some type of device to get them down in the water column. As mentioned earlier, searching for schools of Spanish mackerel actively feeding on the surface is great sport! Spanish mackerel are aggressive feeders. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”. Steel leaders are an option. When actively feeding, Spanish mackerel fish are eager strikers on any fishing lure that remotely looks like their prey. A trace of light wire leader minimizes cut-offs. The Spanish Mackerel, ... best because the faster retrieve of a spinning reel is sometimes needed to move a lure at a pace that will interest the Mackerel. Anglers can opt for 10 pound monofilament or braided line, depending on preference. It is an excellent tactic when Spanish mackerel are not seen working on the surface or when that action is sporadic.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'fishinglidokey_com-leader-3','ezslot_7',114,'0','0'])); Trolling requires at the lures get down in the water column. Mackerel aren’t picky and will go for whatever bait you’re using for other fish as well. Trolling is also extremely effective. A live shrimp or bait fish free lined out behind the boat works very well. 3: Rapala X-Rap Spanish Mackerel Lure. This makes flashy, fast moving lures the best choice when pursuing Spanish mackerel. Anglers can purchase Capt Jim’s E-book, “Inshore Saltwater Fishing” for $5 by clicking on the title link. The trolling sinker is simply tied onto the end of the running line. Mackerel are very often seen foraging violently on the surface. The easiest method is to use a plug. Even if the entire jig gets cut off, the angler is out less than a dollar. It is hard to beat that these days! .. # fishing # spanishmackerel # mackerel # gt # gianttrevally # trevally # okuma # okumaaustralia # azores # okumaazores # pressurepoint # okumapressurepoint # tackletactics # letsgofishing. It can be used for fast trolling and it dives deep. A #1 planer with a 20 foot long 40 pound test flourocarbon leader works great with a Clark spoon. In saying that, when the warmer currents travel further south, so will the Mackerel. Smaller Spanish mackerel may also be confused for other mackerel species … or Bass Assassin rigged with light jig head, weedless with a worm hook or even nose-hooked with a light-wire circle hook are effective lures when the mackerel are harassing bait pods on the surface. In this video, we weren’t in any special spot, there wasn’t really any structure, and we weren’t using any expensive lures. Course Overview. A Bonnier Corporation Company. They consist of blocks of ground up oily bait fish such as menhaden or sardines. This outfit is also ideal for bottom fishing for other species as well as vertical jigging. Spanish mackerel are a good food fish and although they are considered large at 10 lb (4.53 kg) some record specimens will grow to more than twice that size. Spanish mackerel will also invade the inshore waters of Florida as well. They also migrate as far north as Cape Cod. They then go back through the wounded bait fish and pick off the stragglers and scraps. The best choice for most anglers fishing for Spanish mackerel is a 61/2 foot to 7 foot spinning outfit. Anglers can choose to drift in the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. The fish must be then hand lined in the rest of the way. It is a perfect lure to target or capture Spanish mackerel type of fish. Westin Swim 150mm sinking sinking stickbait. Many anglers Spanish mackerel fishing in Florida do so in the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. Anglers may choose to use 30 pound to 40 pound fluorocarbon leader’s instead. Plugs and jigs will also catch plenty of mackerel in this situation. They are long and slender and have a tight wiggle. A heavier mono leader imparts the most action. They are very effective on Spanish mackerel, Bluefish, Trout and most species that feed on minnows or small baitfish. A split shot or two can be added to get the bait down in the water column if required. Trolling weights and planers are most often used. Mackerel are almost perfect predators- fast, sleek and equipped with razor sharp teeth capable of effortlessly slicing through prey…in short, a baitfish’s worst nightmare. The Spanish mackerel is probably the most popular of the mackerel species in Western Australia and a very popular sport fish. Trolling with plugs requires no extra special gear, the plug is simply tied onto the end of the leader. This is an excellent game fish that can be taken on a wide variety of lures and baits. Diamond jigs are a bit of a ‘secret weapon” among charter boat captains in my part of the world. Mackerel travel in packs and the competitive nature between fish often results in follow-up hits. Learn how to catch mackerel with this selection of proven Spanish killers: Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen. Drifting is an excellent method used by anglers to locate schools of Spanish mackerel in the inshore waters. FREE Delivery on your first order shipped by Amazon. Spanish Mackerel are found in the western Atlantic north to the Chesapeake Bay and occasionally to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and south to Yucatan, Mexico. Live bait is most certainly very effective when Spanish mackerel fishing. But what are the best Spanish mackerel lures and baits, and what rigs work best? Fishing for Striped Bass – Tips, Tackle, and Techniques, Best 6 Topwater Plugs for Saltwater Fishing. Anglers blind casting while drifting flats and passes catch mackerel when fishing for other species. Spanish mackerel will cut off lures, it is just part of the game. They also work well when casting into schools of bait as well as breaking fish. Trolling and drifting can also be productive, especially over larger wrecks and reefs. Mackerel are a perfect fish for the grill as a are naturally oily and will not dry out like other species. Get it Tuesday, Dec 29. When fish are feeding on the surface, a floating line is the best choice. Another prime advantage of fishing for Spanish mackerel is that they are schooling fish. The Bluewater Classic F160 is the shallow lure of choice, running at 3-5m and easily handling boat speeds of 6 knots. This is an excellent game fish that can be taken on a wide variety of lures and baits. Smaller profile plastic jerk baits like CALs, Gulp! Trolling spoons are specifically designed to be trolled at fast speeds, between 5 kn and 7 kn. While opportunistic feeders, their primary forage is small bait fish. They are also effective for blind casting. The most effective live bait fish are the families of small silvery fish such as scaled sardines, Spanish sardines, and threadfin herring. That is when Spanish mackerel are feeding on glass minnows in clear water. In conclusion, this post on the top 6 Spanish mackerel fishing lures will help anglers catch more of these speedy game fish!eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'fishinglidokey_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_0',118,'0','0'])); Your email address will not be published. Crocodile spoons wobble enticingly and put out a lot of vibration. However, the trade-off will usually be more strikes. Large poppers of 25 to 30cm length are the go. Kyle loves the surface action and will use a popper for Spanish mackerel whenever he can. TOPFORT Fishing Lures, Fishing Spoon,Trout Lures, Bass Lures, Spinning Lures,Hard Metal Sp… These baits are very economical to use. Again, 6 to 10 minutes under a hot broiler should be fine. Recreational anglers catch Spanish mackerel from boats while trolling or drifting and from boats, piers, jetties, and beaches by casting spoons and jigs and live-bait fishing.Fast lure retrieves are key to catching these quick fish. Finally, chumming, whether with live or frozen bait, is an incredibly effective technique in both inshore and offshore waters. Fishing inside that mudline may produce a few bites here and there, but for the most part, most of your Spanish Mackerel are going to be positioned beyond the second bar line. Lures for Catching Spanish Mackerel. The Squall 30 is an excellent and affordable light conventional outfit. Chumming is a very common practice throughout the state of Florida for a wide variety of species. Shrimp are available at local bait shops. Usually, when the surf is rough, it will kick up a fairly definitive mudline. Lures; Katana Mid size $ 29.00 – $ 42.00 Insert weighted epoxy/pc head with double PVC skirt, total length 12.5”. The visual nature of their feeding along with their aggressive manner make them a prime target for anglers using the long rod. I’ve been hooked by lures in the mouths of Spanish more than any other fish. A fast retrieve is essential and keep reeling on short strikes. Trolling lures and baits can be one of the most relaxing and productive way of gamefishing, sportsfishing, and catching Spanish mackerel.With a good team of skipper, anglers and decky’s, some great teamwork, some great fish can be caught. It is specially built to withstand even the onslaught of the saltwater giants. Spanish mackerel are a hard fighting a great tasting species that put up a terrific fight on light tackle. Also as with trolling sinkers, once the plane reaches the rod tip, the fish will have to be hand lined in the rest of the way. 59. The use of wire leaders in clear water will often result in fewer strikes. This will result in the planer digging down into the water. Plugs and other Lurs can also be used behind trolling sinkers. Unless you’re by yourself, I wouldn’t recommend it. The line is wrapped around a leader spool then attached to a ball bearing snap swivel. These lures cast a mile and are a great choice when mackerel are popping up quickly. All rights reserved. The fillets are laid skin side down on a baking sheet and then covered with a tire breadcrumbs. Spring and fall are top times to fish for them. Pin tail is tuned to specialize Spanish mackerel After deep survey of custom and way Spanish mackerel eat baits, We have tested thousand times, and develop this lure. The fillets are laid skin side down on an oiled pan and then seasoned to taste. This will certainly result in more lures and hooks being cut off. Mackerel are less often seen feeding on the surface in these inshore waters than they are in the open waters of the Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. Partially filling the float with water increases casting distance and the bubble trail it creates on the retrieve helps draw the fish. The fillets are laid skin side down on a grill pan or even on the rack and season to taste. These teeth result in anglers making a choice when it comes to rigging; monofilament or wire leader. REPRAPGURU 5 x Sneeky Hookerz Tackle King Mackerel Trolling Live Bait 7 Strand Wire Fishing Lure Rig. Anglers will be required to use a cast net and catch several hundred or more live bait fish. Amazon's Choice for spanish mackerel lures. Reply. This is the best approach on smaller pieces of structure. The snap swivel can be attached to either a trolling sinker or a a #1 Huntington planer. They fight hard, attack lures and flies with reckless abandon, are beautiful, and are excellent table fare when prepared fresh. Any kind of spoon will do but make sure to double up on the barrel swivels so your line will not get twisted up. They are great fish for novice fly anglers looking to learn the sport. Some type of device is used to get the spoons down in the water column. Trolling is an excellent technique used to catch Spanish mackerel. They are light, therefore most often trolled as opposed to being cast out. Anglers can shop Amazon for Gotcha fishing lures in this link. Spanish mackerel are a schooling fish that prefer relatively shallow water. All you get back is a mullet head with no body and no mackerel on your hook. Spanish mackerel often get a bad rap when it comes to table fare. Individuals grow as old as 8 years, though fish older than age 5 are rare. Here is the Frisco Rod and Gun Outer Banks Fishing Report for Hatteras Island. You can catch these fish all year round within the sub-tropical and tropical waters. Deploying this rig is very easy, with the boat in gear and at idle speed the spoon is tossed out and then the trolling sinker is lowered into the water. However, they do need to be handled carefully. However, you … With rising water temperatures, the Atlantic group migrates along the Atlantic coast of the United States … Otherwise, when trolled at a fairly brisk pace they will simply rise to the surface and skip about. One ounce works well when the bait is small. Deploying the planer takes a bit of practice it first. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon . Poaching is another easy and simple method to prepare Spanish mackerel. Long a Cracker favorite and easy on the wallet, this set-up starts with a 3- to 4-inch plastic soda straw with an angled cut on one end. A little early but Those mackerels are a life saver when you take the wife out or guest with ADHD. It appears that one Atlantic and one or more Gulf groups of Spanish mackerel occur in Florida waters. Fly selection is pretty basic. Rigging option: Double hook combo rig 11/0 stainless steel big game hooks and 2m of premium 300lb mono leader Drifting works best when done over areas of hard bottom as well as wrecks and artificial reefs. Mackerel are almost perfect predators- fast, sleek and equipped with razor sharp teeth capable of effortlessly slicing through prey…in short, a baitfish’s worst nightmare. Other good Spanish lures are Mackerel Trees, which use several short pieces of small surgical tubing and a Clarkspoon on a multiple hook rig, Mackerel Dusters, which place a Mylar skirt approximately 18 inches ahead of a Clarkspoon and Bird Rigs, which use a single Clarkspoon with a shorter leader, on the surface behind a floating “bird”. The best approach is to intercept the school of feeding fish, positioning the boat ahead of and upwind of the school. Fast, sleek and scrappy, Spanish mackerel provide countless hours of light-tackle fun. They can be extremely fussy then and can be difficult to fool. A small egg sinker on the running line held in position by a swivel completes the set-up. He loves chasing Spanish mackerel and considers them an underrated game fish. They are far better compared to soft plastics. Newer posts → Hatteras Island Fishing Report. For comprehensive training on all manner of sports fish from northern Australia, check out our Fish Smarter online fishing courses or our free related posts below. These lures are extremely effective when both cast and trolled. It is also productive when mackerel are not working on the surface but are known to be in a certain area. Robbie and Sue Wells take us adventuring in the NT and put a bend in the Okuma combos in the process. This will dive down five to seven feet. Mackerel are very fast and often times charge into a school of bait fish with the intention of injuring them with their sharp teeth. Sarasota Fishing Charters | 941-371-1390.
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