[Schultz walks around the Sheriff and shoots him in the head, killing him, this makes the townspeople scream in terror and they all scatter and run off leaving the saloon keeper standing alone looking that the Sheriff’s dead body] But that last one, you muddled the line between winning and losing. I trust as a representative of the criminal justice system of the United States of America, I shan’t be shot down in the street by either you or your deputies before I’ve had my day in court. Calvin Candie: White cake? You see, you want to buy a beat-ass ni***r from me, those are the beat-ass ni***rs I want to sell, so. What was Margaery's motivation to call Cersei 'sister' again? [to Django] Butch Pooch: What did you say, boy? You’re going to blow this whole charade, or more than likely get us both killed. Spencer ‘Big Daddy’ Bennett: Oh, well, sh*tfire! We had a birthday yesterday, got some cake. Dr. King Schultz: And I might add, an honor. Calvin Candie: What about dessert? Django: You kill people and they give you a reward? One thousand five hundred dollars for each of his three accomplices: Dandy Michaels, Gerald Nash, and Crazy Craig Koons. Till he up and keeled over one day, Old Ben took care of me. Dr. King Schultz: [Django hands his head, Schultz looks at him and looks back up at Big Daddy] Mr. Bennett! Stephen: That’s because you knows what I like. Calvin Candie: How bad did Stonesipher’s dogs tear her up? Now take your hand off your pistol! Dr. King Schultz: You’re yelling abuse at these poor sl*ves. [suddenly Stephen interrupts by barging into the dining room and shouting behind him] Dr. King Schultz: You indicated earlier you’d be willing to part with Hildi. [Candie sits and places his hand on top of the skull] Broomhilda Von Shaft: No! Dr. King Schultz: I’m not from the South. Calvin Candie: Jesus Christ, Stephen. Rodney: Bounty hunters. Roy: Who shot him? Stephen: You leaving. Come on, now! [John Brittle falls flat on his face and dies] He wants to finish the quest and get Django what he needs (Broomhilda), but that would require him paying Candie which to Schultz means compromising. [the transporter ignores him] Calvin Candie: In the skull of the African here, the area associated with submissiveness is larger than any human or any other subhuman species on planet Earth. It implies good faith. Pretty far considering that limp he got. [as Billy leaves the barn, Stephen closes the barn door behind him and turns to the still bound upside down naked Django] Django: Can’t we just leave? Broomhilda Von Shaft: Because you’re scary. [suddenly Lara Lee snaps and slaps the table] I got no use for a ni***r with sand. Broomhilda Von Shaft: I love you. You see, under the laws of Chickasaw County, Broomhilda here is my property. You get the molasses out your ass, you keep your goddamn eyeballs off me. [as Floyd and Roy consider Django’s offer], [they open the cage door holding the Candie’s three Mandingo fighters], [the Mandingo fighters look at each other but say nothing, Roy takes his gun out and points it at the men in the cage], [Roy and Floyd walk back to Django and Frankie], [he cuts the rope around Django’s wrists], [he throws one of the saddlebags containing the dynamite into the cage and the three men inside jump up making Frankie laugh], [he hands over the belt with the gun to Django], [without taking the gun out of the holster, Django shoots Floyd and then takes the gun out and shoots Roy, as Frankie is carrying the other saddlebag of dynamite towards the cage he turns to shoot but Django shoots the saddlebag which explodes, blowing Frankie up; the three men in the cage watch as Django takes Roy’s gun, walk up to the wagon, takes the saddle off one of the horses and unhooks it from the wagon, he climbs onto the horse and rides up to the back of the cage were the door has been left open and looks at the three men inside], [Rodney throws him the dynamite, Django turns and rides off towards Candyland, the three men watch him ride off with admiration], [back in Candyland, we see Broomhilda being locked up, then we see Candie’s trackers hanging out in their tracker shack when they hear the dogs barking outside], [as Jake stands to go outside suddenly the door bursts open and Django appears and he starts shooting at the trackers], [he shoots and kills all the trackers, then we see Django riding off again towards Candyland, back in Candyland we see Candie’s coffin being carried and getting ready to be buried], [Django arrives in Candyland and enters the barn, he finds his bundle of clothes then sees Schultz body has been dumped in the corner of the barn, he walks up to Schultz’ body and finds Broomhilda’s bill of sale and freedom papers tucked at the back of Schultz’s pants, he takes them, then kisses his hand and gently touches Schultz head], [Django turns and leaves, he finds Broomhilda in the shack she’s been locked up in, she’s lying in bed crying], [she gets out of bed and runs into his arms and they start kissing], [Candie’s family and house sl*ves return back to the house from the funeral at night, as they enter the house Stephen sings], [as Cora and Sheba go to prepare coffee, they hear another voice singing the same song as Stephen was, they look up to see Django, dressed in one of Candie’s suits, lighting a candle], [he takes the lighted candle and walks towards the balcony and looks down at everybody below], [as Billy goes to draw his gun, Django quickly draws his gun out and shoots him and his men, Billy lies on the floor yelling out in pain], [he shoots Billy’s genitals and Billy yells out in pain], [Django shoots Billy in the head and kills him], [Stephen quickly goes to open the front door], [Django shoots and kills Lara Lee, Cora and Sheba look at Django in terror], [Cora and Sheba turn and quickly leave the house, Broomhilda, who’s sat on Django’s horse, Tony, outside the house and holding onto Schultz’s horse, Fritz, sees Cora and Sheba making a run for it; back in the house Django and Stephen are alone], [Stephen looks down and the dead bodies around him, then drops his cane and takes a couple of steps forward without a limp], [Django quickly takes out two gun from his gun belt and holds them up], [Django shoots at one of Stephen’s kneecaps and Stephen yells out in pain], [Django shoots a bullet into Stephen’s other kneecap, Stephen yells out in pain and falls to the ground, Django slowly walks past him], [Django walks towards the door and looks back at Stephen], [Django takes Candie’s cigar, which is in its cigar holder, and lights up the end of the dynamite cable that he has rigged the house with], [as the lighted cable on the dynamite continues to quickly burn its way towards the dynamite sticks, Django opens the door and leaves the house, Stephen continues yelling out], [Broomhilda sees Django walks out of the house and smiles, Django puts on his shades and turns to look back at the house, Stephen carries on yelling out as the cable on the dynamites continues to burn closer to the sticks], [outside, Django waits looking at the house and Broomhilda puts her fingers in her ears], [suddenly the cable burns out as it reaches the stick of dynamites and the house explodes, Django turns to look at Broomhilda they smile at each other and she does a silent clap for him, he starts walking towards her[, [Django gets onto Schultz’s horse and the horse does a little show as it goes towards Broomhilda], [last lines; we see flashback to when Schultz was teaching Django how to become a bounty hunter during the winter in the snowy mountains], [back at the burning grounds of Candyland, Django and Broomhilda get ready to leave], [after the credits end we see cut back to the three Mandingo fighters that were in the mining company cage after Django had left them and ridden off], Netflix’s Best Outside the Wire Movie Quotes. Mr. Stonesipher: Get out there and see what’s wrong with them goddamn dogs! And there Broomhilda shall remain, unless a hero arises So, Bright Boy, Moguy tells me you looked over my African flesh and you was none too impressed, huh? He, within the bounds of good taste, he must be treated as an extension of myself. His famous love of old B movies and exploitation flicks is again on overabundant display, in this case spaghetti Westerns and the 1975 movie Mandingo among others. Now, I watched my wife work all day getting thirty bags together for you ungrateful sons-a-b*tches, and all I can hear is criticize, criticize, criticize! Mr. Stonesipher, would you please shut these goddamn dogs up? I mean, this could, this could be big, mate. [Schultz goes over to the table, picks up the pen and signs the paper, he then takes the paper and pen to Candie and gives it to him to sign, Candie gives the pen back to Schultz] Sheriff Bill Sharp: Okay, boys, fun’s over, come on out. You even know what reimburse means? Django: Kill white folks and they pay you for it? [they enter the saloon again]. Django: Valet? Like many of Tarantino’s films, Django Unchained is a movie about movies. Amerigo Vessepi: What’s your name? Ace Speck: So what? Betina: Then I don’t know what you want, Big Daddy. [Schultz raps on the bedpost to give his signal, and the adjoining door slowly opens, Broomhilda sees Django standing there] Betina: So you really free? If anybody should be getting whupped now, it should be me. Schultz is being protective, but he manages to put his stance across as a “the customer is always right” attitude. [he takes the lighted candle and walks towards the balcony and looks down at everybody below] Ace Speck: Last chance, fancy pants. Stephen: Hold your fire! Dr. King Schultz: No, we just talked and… Frankie: A little dynamite for you bl*ck fellas to play with. Show Dr. Schultz your back here. Stephen: I just can’t understand why you won’t come talk to these ni***rs. I don’t think so. Would you be a dear, go out there and give them gals an eyeball? Saloon Keeper Pete: Sheriff! Dr. King Schultz: They’re a little tense out there. Hildi, what about her? And I must admit, I’m at a bit of a quandary when it comes to you. Old Man Carrucan: Django. You don’t stop all that carrying on, he going to blow her goddamn brains out! [to Schultz] [the sl*ves toss their cloaks away and start walking towards Dicky] Comment dit-on "What's wrong with you?" And I want you to take them to the Greenville Auction and sell them. We mean no one else any harm. Calvin Candie: Django and his friend in gray here, Dr. Schultz, are customers. Calvin Candie: Right over there on that little table. We finally found their ass laying low in Candyland. Floyd: There we go. Calvin Candie: Well, you got a problem with that? How much do you know about Mandingo fighting? Spencer ‘Big Daddy’ Bennett: That’s the boy’s name. Calvin Candie: Calm down, Butch. Calvin Candie: There have been a lot of lies said around this dinner table here tonight, but that you can believe! [we see Schultz in his cart and Django riding his horse arrive in Daughtry, Texas; as they ride slowly through the town, the towns people stop and stare at Django] But they… When he was then finally urged to shake hands with a man he hated so much, he just couldn't resist. The law wants them for murder. Spencer ‘Big Daddy’ Bennett: Gimme. Dr. King Schultz: Positive? We are eating. Calvin Candie: Where I part company from many of my phrenologist colleagues is I believe there is a level above bright, above talented, above loyal that a ni***r can aspire to. Dr. King Schultz: Alexandre Dumas is bl*ck. When I pay five hundred dollars, then I expect to get five fights out of a ni***r before he roll over and play dead. Dr. King Schultz: Ah! During the brandies, gentlemen, hm? Django: No. Schultz became a bounty hunter in 1853, potentially due to the murder of his brother (referenced in the song Hours later, Schultz and Django head to a nearby town and settle at a bar in which the innkeeper runs away for help. [as Django walks towards Ace’s body he tosses the cloak covering him away revealing the scars left in his back from being whipped] Calvin Candie: How long was he loose? Stephen: Can’t believe you brought a ni***r to stay in The Big House. Calvin Candie: Fine! Django: Not for top dollar. Broomhilda Von Shaft: Django. [Billy turns to look at Django] You ain’t got nothing better to do than to come into Bill Sharp’s town and show your ass? [Schultz stares at Django for a moment] Frankie: Do what, now? [he throws the hammer down on the table] Dr. King Schultz: Yeah, cowards tend to do that. [looking at Django] Can the US House/Congress impeach/convict a private citizen that hasn't held office? Dr. King Schultz: But of course. I’m bored. [he turns to Django] She wasn’t born on the Carrucan Plantation. Django: That’s Big John, that’s Little Raj. Chicken Charlie: Who was that ni***r? [Schultz turns and starts walking towards the Speck brothers] Leonide Moguy: Doctor. Django: How’d you like to make eleven thousand dollars? Rather than this being an act of premeditated self defense, this was more of an aggravated assault by Schultz not only against Candie's physical form but also against his misplaced ideals (read slavery, penchant for killing etc.). You shot Roscoe! Floyd: Righto. Stephen: Crash, Miss Lara want to see you. That there is the pantry, that’s where Big Daddy hang all his dead meat. Calvin Candie: You little dickens, you. Thankfully, it does not. Big John Brittle: “And the Lord said; The fear of ye…” Don’t worry, I’m not mad at you. And I want you to start solving that problem right now and get them goddamn rooms ready! Hush up! Django: “…Gang. But he’s just about to buy who he come here to buy when I interrupted him. Calvin Candie: Like Samson? Calvin Candie: Mr. Stonesipher, let Marsha and her b*tches send D’Artagnan to ni***r heaven. [Roy and Floyd walk back to Django and Frankie] While Schultz arguably has the better character and story, the film isn’t billed as “Schultz Unchained.” Django’s story still needs to be told. [Big Fred picks up the hammer but hesitates] Little Raj Ellis: You’d better give me that arm! Django: You mind telling me what the hell you doing? [back to the dinner table, the conversation about the Mandingo fighters continues] Dr. King Schultz: The Wilson-Lowe Gang. But I can’t let you go to Greenville in a good conscience. Believe that! Broomhilda Von Shaft: I ain’t. Does William Dunseath Eaton's play Iskander still exist. [Stephen laughs] Roy: Now this white man, was the bl*ck his sl*ve? Leonide Moguy: Yes, he is a bit of a Francophile. Leonide Moguy: Nonsense, it’s my job. [Broomhilda looks at him with confusion] Betina: Brittle? CoF: Why does Django wear Candie’s clothes during the finale? Huh?! Django: D’Artagnan, m*therf*ckers! Dr. King Schultz: It’s a pleasure to meet you, Broomhilda. And we got to make a lesson out of him. Django is a free man, you understand? Still, having said that, I feel guilty. A bl*ck sl*ver is lower than the head house ni***r, and, buddy, that’s pretty f*cking low. D’Artagnan! He’ll back up who I am and who your dear departed Sheriff was. Leonide Moguy: One of this new lot. Dr. King Schultz: Now, as to you poor devils. Dr. King Schultz: [subtitled] Can I pour you a glass of water? You might have caught yourself a little dose of ni***r love. Calvin Candie: He is a rambunctious sort, ain’t he? Calvin Candie: But, like you said in Greenville, doctor, I don’t want to sell him. Dr. King Schultz: Bonsoir, mon petite femme noire. Dr. King Schultz: Yes, his approval would be a dubious proposition at best. Calvin Candie: Finish him. Calvin Candie: Now, Bright Boy, I will admit you are pretty clever. Later, when Dr. Schultz has a moment all by himself, sitting in the arm-chair, does he begin to experience the flash-backs of the hideous episode(dog-mauling). My whipped cream can has run out of nitrous. Sometime they call him Little Raj. And do you know what the farmer says? Calvin Candie: Go on, boy! Dicky Speck: Tell you what, boys: take me to the doc in El Paso, I’ll get you your freedom. Dr. King Schultz: What you think I am? Schultz tells Django that if he helps him bring in the Brittle brothers, Schultz will give him his freedom, pay him a $75 share of the reward, and let him keep his horse. Django: Eskimo Joe’s a quality ni***r, no doubt about it. Calvin Candie: Stephen, what the hell are you talking about? Calvin Candie: Gentlemen, may I propose a toast. You got to earn it, white boy. "Django Unchained" has one pretty good suspense standoff in a saloon near the beginning and never tops it -- or even comes close to it. [the sl*ve that Schultz had given his rifle to holds the rifle up towards Dicky] [Schultz laughs] Monsieur Candie, you have a deal. [Django still hesitates] [Schultz laughs]. Calvin Candie: Now, right out there on that porch, three times a week for fifty years, Old Ben here would shave my daddy with a straight razor. After dinner, then, Stephen. Calvin Candie: Hurry up, goddamn it! We won’t be open for another hour. Marshal! Django: Old Man Carrucan ain’t going to appreciate this, now. Dr. King Schultz: One hundred ten, twenty and five for young Django here. Stephen: Hm! This ni***r just… Dr. King Schultz (early 1800s - May 5, 1859) was a dentist-turned-bounty-hunter who freed Django and helped him rescue his wife. Dr. King Schultz: So, the man walks up to the farmer’s farm, he knocks on the farmer’s door and asks not to buy the horse, but the farm. Dr. King Schultz: I can’t exactly remember. —rcs0411@yahoo.com. Django: We going to offer to buy Candyland? Why does this current not match my multimeter? Dr. King Schultz: What’s your name? Do you want to save your wife by doing what I do? Calvin Candie: You will? But them four men is still back there, they’re still wanted, and that eleven thousand five hundred is up for grabs, and the last thing they’d expect is y’all riding back in there and getting it. Calvin Candie: Is that right? Rodney: Damn sure. [Django turns and follows Moguy to the bar, as he turns he notices a man by the billiard table who gives him the evil eye and is still wearing his hat] Calvin Candie: Sit your ass in that goddamn seat! Together they hunt the South’s most-wanted criminals. Dr. King Schultz: Broomhilda is a German name. Dr. King Schultz: Fair enough, but now you’re a horse thief, and they hang horse thieves. What the hell you think you’re doing, boy? [Schultz walks behind the bar, gets some glasses and pours them some beer as Django takes a seat] Stephen: First thing’s first. Near the end of Django Unchained, Schultz has a flashback to the dog-mauling that Candie had ordered earlier in the movie. Dr. King Schultz: Satisfied? Calvin Candie: And that is a ni***r that can win fights. When she was little, her mistress taught her so she’d have somebody to speak German with. Dr. King Schultz: Insist? [Candie walks over to Django] [Schultz closes the door in her face]. [Schultz drops his gun and raises his arms, Django does the same] Dr. King Schultz: Everybody calm down. Since opening on Christmas Day, Django Unchained has grossed an impressive $68 million at the box office. Splendid. Dr. King Schultz: And I think you’re an abysmal winner. Dr. King Schultz: Excuse me. Calvin Candie: Please, won’t you take a ride with us here in the Victoria. Come here! Which I certainly hope is the case for many years to come. Dr. King Schultz: Who are they? When he does exactly the same thing at Don Johnson’s ranch, there is a sense of diminishing returns. [Django turns and leaves, he finds Broomhilda in the shack she’s been locked up in, she’s lying in bed crying] Tennessee Redfish: You get my vote, Robert. [Django shoots and kills Lara Lee, Cora and Sheba look at Django in terror] [Candie’s men continue to shoot] Dr. King Schultz: No, it’s far too big. Dr. King Schultz: Would you have ink and pen for me? Stephen: I can’t hear you, ni***r. [suddenly Schultz is blown away as Pooch fires his sawed-off shotgun at him, Django then grabs hold of Pooch’s hand gun and shoots him with it] Somebody get poor Bill out of the goddamn street. Dr. King Schultz: You couldn’t have picked a better one. Calvin Candie: One… Dr. King Schultz: Prost. [back at the burning grounds of Candyland, Django and Broomhilda get ready to leave] [Schultz puts on his jacket] How’d you like to partner up for the winter? [on hearing this, Django puts his hand on his gun, ready to draw] Yes, we were, doctor. Bennett, perhaps we got off on the wrong boot. [Schultz shakes his head, Django takes the hat off and looks around at the items] Dr. King Schultz: That is who Smitty Bacall is. Little Jody: Please! [to Cora] He slays the dragon, because he’s not afraid of him. [Stephen follows Broomhilda into the kitchen] It only takes a minute to sign up. What? Ace Speck: Like that. Broomhilda Von Shaft: Danke. [Django takes Candie’s cigar, which is in its cigar holder, and lights up the end of the dynamite cable that he has rigged the house with] Stephen: Y’all done heard the man! Stephen: When Monsieur Candie talk to you, you answers. Dr. King Schultz: I’m sorry to put a bullet in your beast, but I didn’t want you to do anything rash before you had a moment to come to your senses. Dr. King Schultz: With my Mr. Tuttle. She hit him as a child, "just because he was there." Big Daddy! That name do have pan-ass. [last lines; we see flashback to when Schultz was teaching Django how to become a bounty hunter during the winter in the snowy mountains] Dr. King Schultz: Well, you won’t sell your best. Hells bells, the ni***rs we sell to LeQuint Dickey got it worse than that.” Lo and behold, out of nowhere, Miss Lara come up with the bright idea of giving your ass to the LeQuint Dickey Mining Company. He was also a law abiding man. ain’t this what you want? Betina: Uh-huh. Calvin Candie: You don’t have to know why. Now, all four of them gentlemen, they back there at Candyland laughing their ass off. Spencer ‘Big Daddy’ Bennett: Yeah, that’s them sons-a-b*tches. Lara Lee Candie-Fitzwilly: Uh, Calvin. Broomhilda Von Shaft: At the table? Now, uh, if you could keep your caterwauling down to a minimum, I’d like to finish my line of inquiry with young Django. [on route to the mining company, Django’s hands are tied to a rope and is being led on foot behind one of the transporters, we also see that three of Candie’s Mandingo fighters have been placed inside a cage wagon and they are all being taken to the mining company, as they stop for a rest, Django tries to get the attention of the one of the transporters] [to the other trackers] If they named her, it stands to reason they’d be German. [then more loudly so the others can hear] Frankie: Who the f*ck is Smitty Bacall? Mr. Stonesipher: Jake! [Bennett continues to look at the warrant] [back inside The Cleopatra Club, they are met by Candie’s lawyer, Moguy] Django bounty hunts with Schultz for six months, in return for which Schultz will help Django to free his wife from slavery. Dr. King Schultz: Load up the bodies as quickly as you can and let’s get out of here. I'll edit my answer to make it more suitable to the current edited question. is making a good impression! Oh. Dr. King Schultz: To speak German this afternoon with Hildi was positively soul-enriching. You named your sl*ve after his novel’s lead character. [Schultz laughs] How much for young Django here? Stephen: Six! Oh, Monsieur Candie, you can’t imagine what it’s like not to hear your native tongue in four years. Django: Now, all you bl*ck folks, I suggest you get away from all these white folks. Schultz has a flashback of the dog-mauling scene not right after Candie ups Broomhilda's(Django's wife) price, but later when the deal is being put to paper. They wants that girl. [Schultz and Django arrive at The Cleopatra Club, they knock at the front door and a pretty young bl*ck girl, dressed in a French maid outfit opens the door] Django: Oh! Worth every penny. [Candie enters the library where Stephen is sat in a chair drinking brandy] Stephen: Eight! [he pulls her hands off the harp and opens the parlor doors and goes through to the library] Dicky Speck: Damn leg’s busted! Mr. Speck? [Billy steps out holding Broomhilda with a gun at her head] Lara Lee Candie-Fitzwilly: Of course, darling. Calvin Candie: Here, here and here. You two oughta hate each other. I’ll snatch your bl*ck ass off that nag there and in the mud so fast… If Smitty Bacall wanted to start a farm at twenty-two, they would never have printed that. Dicky Speck: God f*cking damn it! Sh*t get f*cked up around here, you blame me. [Django and Broomhilda look at each other] Basically a good-hearted man, Schultz is married and has five children and a nephew named Wolfie. Big Fred, come on! Dr. King Schultz: Oh, could you hold this for a moment? Blind him bl*ck, boy! Dr. King Schultz: May I lift my hands off the tabletop in order to remove my billfold?! Tennessee Redfish: Well, I can’t see in this f*cking thing! That’s a raid! Calvin Candie: Stephen, when you get through showing them to their rooms, go fetch Hildi, get her cleaned up and smelling real nice and sent over to Dr. Schultz’s room here. Calvin Candie: Now, considering y’all have ridden a whole lot of miles, went through a whole lot of trouble, and done spread a whole lot of bull to purchase this lovely lady right here, it would appear that Broomhilda is in fact the right ni***r. And if y’all want to leave Candyland with Broomhilda, the price is twelve thousand dollars. Leonide Moguy: What did you say? The sight upsets Schultz, but Django does not visibly react. Is there one amongst you who was formerly a resident of the Carrucan Plantation? Spencer ‘Big Daddy’ Bennett: Uh, what’s your Jimmie’s name again? I can’t… Dr. King Schultz: [subtitled] Please drink. Django: Does a fella arise? In response, Calvin has lead slave hunter Stonecipher release dogs at D'Artagnan, who maul him to death. [turning back to Candie] Calvin Candie: Panache. Calvin Candie: You know what I think you are? Dr. King Schultz: What’s everybody staring at? Django: I’m looking for three white men. Django: Keep it funny! [Django cries out] Her and Django, them ni***rs know each other. Stephen: Meet me in the library. [Candie chuckles] I come prepared. Hm? [looking at Cora] [they continue walking up the stairs] Dr. King Schultz: Ah, Monsieur Candie? So what about my five hundred dollars, huh? Calvin Candie: I insist. So seeing Django come back at the end to blow that guy away made it all feel right. We finally found their ass laying low in Candyland.
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